My Nieces and I

Spending time with my nieces and nephews is always an adventure, from hearing about my car being too small, letting me in on their “family secrets” (dad farts…) and explaining their “big” complaint about life not being fair (…not always getting their way…).

Today was spent ferrying around two of my nieces, 11 and 9.

We were discussing something super important, I don’t remember the topic! The littlest, in the back seat being obtuse and making broad snappy sweeping statements directed at her older sister.

And then my eldest niece said something so unexpected.

Growing up she loved listening to adults share stories. I’ve told my fair share of stories. One story in particular has evidently made its mark. The story involved an old boss of mine and the go-to-question he’d ask us when challenging the statements we’d make when we wanted his support.

So as we were travelling along the highway at break-neck speed (faster than walking), the littlest niece was goading her older sister into an argument.

That is when my eldest niece quietly pulled out my old bosses favourite challenging question and asked her little sister, “Would you bet your future house on that statement?”


(Artwork from when they were “kids”, before they started saying adult-like statements, can we stop them from growing up!!)

Sunday Coffee

An afternoon at the coffee shop while procrastinating on my future is helping me….procrastinate.

There is a couple on a first date. They sound as though they are both on interviews. Each taking their turn talking about the “year’s” they’ve spent honing their professional crafts. They are maybe 30 so I wonder how they’d describe these same stories in 10, 20 years from now. These young adults are our future.

What does life do to us? Experience shapes how we tell a same story from one decade to the next.

What was funny, or smart, or classy or important in our 20’s, isn’t so funny, smart or classy and important in our 30’s and as I imagine our 40’s, 50’s or 60’s – I have yet to arrive!

We mimic. We observe. We try on other people’s stories. We jump into life and we learn. Our beliefs sometimes shift or become more entrenched.

We learn to take ourselves a little less seriously.

Life is good.

Coffee is great 🙂

An Apple A Day

The day was crisp. The sun shining.

I was late. I had misjudged traffic across the bottom of the city. Why did it feel as though there was an exodus to escape the city? Where was everyone going?

My cell rang.

“Are you on your way?”

“Almost, in a few minutes.”

“Oh great, before coming would you mind stopping off at the store to pick up a few ingredients for tonight.”

The parking lot was packed. Perhaps this is where everyone was going on a sunny, crisp Saturday afternoon – the grocery store.

Entering the vestibule, I spotted a small commotion.

Mom holding a cardboard apple picking basket full of apples in her right hand and with her left, holding tight to her sons right hand.

She is moving towards the store exit within the vestibule, gently pulling her son with her, “Over here honey, let’s go stand over on this side.”

Behind her, her son isn’t understanding, his body is twisted.

He is so excited, it’s permeating through his entire being.

It is obvious he has been assigned an important task to complete.

He is intent on the PEOPLE whom he sees entering the vestibule leading into the store. These people are going to help him achieve his goal. Why would he want to go anywhere but where the people were charging towards him?

As he is involuntarily pulled away from all these people, twisting like a fish at the end of a line, his little face tilted up, his voice full of squeaking urgency, he pleads to the crowd,

“Do you want to buy an apple? Do you want to support scouts!!”

Yes. Yes please.