Thought Bubble

Sitting in Starbucks. There is a steady din of people quietly having conversations. The occasional sound of a chair scraping against the floor.

I am sitting facing the magazine section of Chapters.

A distinguished older gentleman catches my eye. He intrigues me not because of his gender. He is standing facing the window. The magazine he is flipping through is perched up on a book bin.

He flips the page, reads a few lines, pauses, looks up and gazes out the window to the parking lot. Repeat.

I am not so curious to talk to him, more curious about finding a way to transport myself to a similar, assumably, quiet, calm, thought bubble.

Errands with my niece, “The Best Day of My Life!”

Today was an errand running kind of day and my nine year-old niece was along for the ride.

Our first stop was Claire’s, a fashion and jewelry accessories store for girls, where my niece picked out a princess tiara, promptly placing it on her head as we left the store.

Our second stop was Starbucks.

My niece chose a kids sized hot chocolate paired with a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie.

We waited at the bar for our drinks. When the drinks were called out and pushed across the counter my niece noticed the top of her drink, “This is the best day of my life!! Nobody has ever put chocolate sauce on the top of my drink before!”

We stayed in the coffee shop to enjoy our beverages, that’s what grownups do.

She chose the bar seats and clambered up on her stool so she could watch the barista’s preparing drinks, “It’s hard to keep up with what they are doing, there are so many of them and so many coffees to make!”

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When Nobody’s Looking…

Since the big night out at Nashville North and my admission of listening to, setting my radio dial and trying out my underwhelming ability of line dancing to country music, I figured why not post a top ten list of ordinary things that I do that I find embarrassing to admit. The REAL embarrassing things I’ll leave till a later date when I am sufficiently acclimatized to dealing with the ridicule 🙂

Here goes my list:

1. ABC’s new tv series GCB. My favourite character is played by Kristin Chenoweth – Carlene. I am not sure you can watch this show and not laugh!! It is a saucy drama about…well…bitchy women masquerading as saints, how could that not be funny?

2. Plenty of Fish. It’s like a dirty activity that nobody wants to admit to doing, but seriously it’s all in how you use it.

3. Singing at the top of my lungs in the car and getting caught by the old man in the car next to me at the light, he gives me a dirty look of shame….is that Britney Spears or N’Sync that she’s listening to?!

4. Listening to and knowing all the lyrics to Def Leppard’s album “Hysteria”. Particularly “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Come on, it’s a GREAT song!

5. Going all goo-goo-eyed when Ryan Gosling’s look-alike decides to return something to the store. But besides the guilt of not always being able to pull it together, that’s right ladies the twin is in the hood and he wants to know if Shoppers Drug Mart sells Paint Tape! Do I look like an encyclopedia for random household goods and hardware? Ok maybe I do with my nerdy glasses but give me a break ask me for a date and I’ll try not to spill my dinner all over myself! haha. And gentleman, be honest if your Silver Screen dream look-a-like popped into your workplace and started asking random questions, would you be a man and keep it all together?! 🙂

6. Eating a bag of Lays Ketchup chips in one sitting then throwing the bag in the garbage and pretending it didn’t happen. There is nothing quite like a Lays chip (except for Indiana Popcorn obviously)

7. Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks. It is not my favourite coffee shop, I agree it is much too commercial and pretentious and I secretly scoff at the regulars that I see at my local shop. Hypocritical? Absolutely, there is only one reason I know they are regulars…

8. But seriously Starbucks is attached to Chapters and Chapters is such a great place to browse for hours on end when a) you don’t feel like going home. b) want to read a book for free and are a germ a-phoebe and have a difficult time using Library books (seriously, what were the five people prior to you doing with their hands before/while/after reading this dog eared, well read book!)

9. Sneaking as many extra packets of raw sugar to help my friend grow her raw sugar packet collection. Why do I do this? I have no idea but I don’t want her to run out because subconsciously I am pretty sure our friendship hinges on the number of packets that she has available at any given time. Of course I am kidding, but seriously it has become my life mission to make sure she is constantly stocked up.

10. Moving that stack of clothes that needs hanging up from my bed to my drying rack, night after night promising “I’ll hang it up tomorrow when I am less busy.” Really? Less busy? I promise to hang everything up tomorrow 😛

And there you have it my top ten list of things I do that at some point have been met with embarrassment when caught.

What are yours? 😉

Strategy of Life

Strategy of Life

Today is my day off on a weekday; they are my favourite days off. I made myself a list of things to accomplish – visit a Coffee shop and write, go to the mall and buy a pair boots that are on sale twice (it’s almost as good as winning the lottery!) and apply to a few part-time Retail jobs online to help supplement my income during my “Sales-Training” (Since I am loath to start digging into savings to live – that’s for when I decide to move myself across the world and live in some beautiful countryside with pet goats and chickens!).

Finding an appropriate Starbucks perhaps has been my biggest dilemma for the day. For whatever reason, this morning I was having a difficult time grounding myself and getting to “that place” where the wind takes us to that perfect place of thought and imagination. There is nothing more awesome than leaving the house with an idea of “where and what you want to do” and arriving without effort.

I drove to the coffee shop closest to my house, parked my car and just sat there; I couldn’t convince myself to go inside. I could only envision that I’d arrive inside and do nothing but allow myself to be distracted by all the activity happening around me.

So I put my car in drive, drove out of town to another favourite place.

Since arriving I have been pleasantly entertained by a group a three young ladies who are taking a break from their grade 11 High School studies, to sit and philosophize about life and give hard opinions and ideas on a range of topics from World Politics, Teachers, Literature and Physics.

There is one lady in the bunch who is most keen on out-talking her peers in sharing her ideas, one of which is the difficulty she is having in imagining where she’ll be in life when she is 40 years old. She can’t understand how some of her peers have a life all planned out like a road map and those who know exactly what they’ll be doing.

I can empathize with her dilemma. I am much closer to 40 than she is and still can’t envision what I’ll be doing tomorrow! From what I can tell, life happens no matter how much we plan and strategize.

It’s motivating when we learn something new; when we can happily say that we understand our neighbours just a little bit better and we can forgive ourselves.