My Nieces and I

Spending time with my nieces and nephews is always an adventure, from hearing about my car being too small, letting me in on their “family secrets” (dad farts…) and explaining their “big” complaint about life not being fair (…not always getting their way…).

Today was spent ferrying around two of my nieces, 11 and 9.

We were discussing something super important, I don’t remember the topic! The littlest, in the back seat being obtuse and making broad snappy sweeping statements directed at her older sister.

And then my eldest niece said something so unexpected.

Growing up she loved listening to adults share stories. I’ve told my fair share of stories. One story in particular has evidently made its mark. The story involved an old boss of mine and the go-to-question he’d ask us when challenging the statements we’d make when we wanted his support.

So as we were travelling along the highway at break-neck speed (faster than walking), the littlest niece was goading her older sister into an argument.

That is when my eldest niece quietly pulled out my old bosses favourite challenging question and asked her little sister, “Would you bet your future house on that statement?”


(Artwork from when they were “kids”, before they started saying adult-like statements, can we stop them from growing up!!)

“I’ll put that on my account, thanks”

“I’ll put that on my account, thanks”

Starting work at 9am has its benefits – don’t get me wrong, 7 and 8am are equally great work day start times, but for me, I am starting to really like 9am.

I admit, I’ve not really had a morning routine that I’ve made an effort to make it relaxing. When living with two of my good friends a few years ago, I was secretly envious that they both had solid, interesting morning routines. There was the way the coffee was made, the dish towel folded, the clink clink clinking of the spoon against the sides of the coffee traveller mug. I just didn’t have TIME for such nonsense.

This was my morning routine – sleep as late as humanely possible, dash to the shower, work on my Guinness book of world record shower time and find something work appropriate in my closet.

If you aren’t laughing, you should be. When I run the reel of my morning routine in my head, its as though I am preparing to escape the bad guys but super clean! Downstairs my house mate would be leisurely stirring her coffee and I was upstairs being a bird.

So what is different today. Well I’ve been making an effort to go to bed early and wake up 2 hours before I need to be anywhere significant. Its been working out so far for the last two weeks, I even manage to make myself breakfast!

But that’s not what this blog is about.

Its about my coffee shop stop between my house and my destination. I can’t take credit for finding its existence, that goes to a friend. The other fun part about this coffee shop, also discovered through my friend, is the personal “account”.

Now besides the shop being Bird Friendly, Organic coffee beans, Socially Responsible, and filled with old church pews, this coffee shop let’s each of its patrons have an account, if you so wish.

Its not everyday you can feel this important when out shopping.

“I’d like a large bold and a banana nut muffin to start my day, thanks.”

“Would you like that on your account?”

“Well yes by golly, I sure would.”

And I envision all the newcomers standing behind me in line thinking – “wow, she has an account!

Even if they aren’t thinking it, I’ve impressed my sister with my coffee account and that counts for something. We may no longer be 10 and 8, but boy its still fun finding joy in our own self-made importance 🙂

A great day to all – and if ever you might be feeling down, drop by Birds and Beans and open a coffee account – you will not be disappointed.