My Nieces and I

Spending time with my nieces and nephews is always an adventure, from hearing about my car being too small, letting me in on their “family secrets” (dad farts…) and explaining their “big” complaint about life not being fair (…not always getting their way…).

Today was spent ferrying around two of my nieces, 11 and 9.

We were discussing something super important, I don’t remember the topic! The littlest, in the back seat being obtuse and making broad snappy sweeping statements directed at her older sister.

And then my eldest niece said something so unexpected.

Growing up she loved listening to adults share stories. I’ve told my fair share of stories. One story in particular has evidently made its mark. The story involved an old boss of mine and the go-to-question he’d ask us when challenging the statements we’d make when we wanted his support.

So as we were travelling along the highway at break-neck speed (faster than walking), the littlest niece was goading her older sister into an argument.

That is when my eldest niece quietly pulled out my old bosses favourite challenging question and asked her little sister, “Would you bet your future house on that statement?”


(Artwork from when they were “kids”, before they started saying adult-like statements, can we stop them from growing up!!)

The Frye Boot Update

So far this winter my Frye boots have spent quite a number of hours outdoors, how many exactly, I can’t quite compute but a rather large number based on the rules that revolve around wearing them outdoors.

After buying my fancy, out of budget boots and subsequently falling in love with them, it was brought to my attention that being leather soles they would not be suitable for Salt, Snow or Rain. Why I didn’t think about this to begin with is beyond me. I was focused on finding the correct fitting/looking boot, not weather appropriate, that was what my Uggs were for!

But since they became mine at the beginning of winter with so many restrictions, I wasn’t very hopeful on how often they would be useful footwear. Turns out they have made it out of my condo on average 4 out of 7 days.

So tonight as I was preparing to come sit at the coffee shop to blog, I decided I must post an update about my boots. The update isn’t about how often I’ve worn them this year but rather how I get them on my feet.

I’ve been genetically blessed with “athletic” calves. My parents, I am 100% sure, started dating and later married due to their athleticism to which they produced children with athletic calves. Growing up I was persuaded that not I, but one of my siblings had the most “athletic” calves. This was a very important topic during our childhood. “Athletic” calves were deplorable and it was made clear that mine, unfortunately, no matter how disdainful it was to be the winner in this anatomy challenge, didn’t take the prize in our family.

To my sheer amazement and surprise, my Frye boots have produced the truth.

It is I who has the most “athletic” calves, a card carrying member and I now have to make up over 30 years of re-payment due for this new reality!

I should have known.

As all of you who are part of the “athletic” calf club, the more one works out the more difficult it becomes to put on knee high boots. It’s not necessarily that as you work out the calf gets larger, it’s that it gets solid, less squishy and not as easy to stuff into the boot. The trick to getting a 14 ¾” width boot zipped up is to unflex the leg by raising it above the thigh while in the sitting position.

So while trying on my Frye boots at the store over 3 months ago, I became quite irritated with the sales lady who was forcefully telling me how to try on the boots, “Keep your feet flat on the floor, use the little pull tabs on the inside of the boot, it only works that way.” Well for me it didn’t work, I wasn’t in the mood to argue, so I only zipped them up half-way.

Now each time I put on my Frye boots I sit down on a chair, raise my calf up past my thigh, zip up my boot and with satisfaction argue with the sales girl in my head “See skinny calf girl, your method only works for people like YOU!!”

And with that, I march out of my house!