The Untitled Day

Ninja training is in full swing and I really am developing that six-pack that I never wanted. But not to worry today is turning out to be the day I turned my back on discipline, and fueled myself with something, ANYTHING beyond my own cooked meals.

Perhaps it’s boredom or that I am an unimaginative cook or perhaps a bit of both.  Or could be that from the start my day has not gone as planned and this was my terrible reward.

First off my phone informed me “It’s time to find a boyfriend!”→ exclamation and all.


So am I. I sat an extra few minutes in front of my coffee shop not sure, how, why, WHAT!  l shook my phone and pulled the battery and the message disappeared.

Second, there was that flurry of confusing conversations about how, what, when I should be spending my time. I sat back on my heels, crossed my arms, squinted, uncrossed my arms and replied ”You decide.”

Best sentence of my day → well besides convincing the random Jazz Guitar player I really wasn’t interested in how he spends his evenings. I am sure he’s a nice man→ I am not taking my phone that seriously.

In any event, a whole chunk of my day was freed up to do as I pleased, within reason → smiling again inside I began my journey of treating that six-pack to a host of fatty, sugary, wheat-laden food.

I can report as it gets further into the evening → the sugary, fatty experience was fun but I'm over it.

Back to boring, same daily diet of my unimaginative cooking.

The “betcha can’t eat just one” snack

The “betcha can’t eat just one” snack

For all you snacking folks out there with little time but big appetite for snacks, this is one of my favourites and after several attempts on this simple recipe, I now am confident to share with all my loyal readers!

– 1 bag of small salted preztels
– 1 bag of Hershey kisses
– 1 bag of chocolate M&M’s (is there any other kind 😛 )
– 2 baking sheets (one for the oven, one for the freezer)
– Tin foil
– Oven (you can’t do this recipe, obviously, without an oven haha)

Pre-heat oven to 300 degree Fahrenheit. Cover ONE baking sheet in tin foil. Place the Pretzels in nice rows on the tin foil or if you like them all over the place like a crowded room that’s fine too! Unwrap the same number Hershey kisses as the number of pretzels laid out on the tin foil on top of the baking sheet. Place one unwrapped Hershey kiss on each pretzel. Place the baking sheet with tin foil, pretzels and unwrapped Hershey kisses in the pre-heated oven for 2 minutes! When two minutes is up, take the baking sheet out of the oven, place it on a pad. Place one M&M on top of each Hershey kiss that are now slightly melted on the pretzel.

Once you have completed this task, take a COLD baking sheet and pull the warm tin foil that has all the goodies off the hot baking sheet over to the COLD baking sheet. If you don’t have a second baking sheet, well, go buy one or get creative like the crowded pretzels.

Ok, once you have the tin foil pulled over to the new baking sheet with the lovely treats, place the whole thing in the freezer for about 30 minutes to harden the chocolate.

Then they are ready to eat! And share-able, but trust me, you may not get to the sharing part 🙂