Seeing Greenland

Today isn’t a particularly different day from any other day except that I have all sorts of funny thoughts floating around in my head. I’ve tried all day to get them out so that I could stop looking like a grinning idiot wandering around the dealership having my own little party.

I mentioned this in an earlier post, I am a rather terrible car sales person, I am less interested in the “close” and selling them a car than I am in learning everything possible about my customer’s lives. I call it my hobby 🙂

The dealership is becoming more about personal development then building a nest egg to travel the world. I am spending my days unlearning learned behaviours that I needed to survive my eight years at a desk. It’s less about writing a well written email and more about invoking emotion to create a reaction to buy.

Today I had three non-customers. Each was in the store for service and was wandering around the sales floor.

The first gentleman had to be in his late 80’s. British, consciously unlearned his British accent when he came to Canada in the early 40’s to go to the Radio College of Canada. Now I have no way of verifying this, but he told me the only people who Canada was allowing to learn how to operate a ham radio for the war, were British Nationals who came directly from Britain?

My new friend spent 2 years flying around the globe in the 1940’s helping win a war. I told him about my upcoming trip to see the Germans. He left my desk and re-appeared two hours later. He wanted to wish me luck on my trip and to make sure to look out the left side of the plane 3 hours into the flight to have a peak at Greenland. He was so excited about Greenland it took everything in me not to squeeze his cheeks, which I am sure he wouldn’t have appreciated.

I am not sure I’ll get to see Greenland but will do my very best 🙂

Chipotle’s Advertising Strategy

Great Article about Chipotle’s advertising strategy that stay’s away from mainstream media and continue’s to compete. Interesting business model that focuses on customer experience and word of mouth.
From personal experience, Chipotle is one of the best Mexican restaurants I’ve experienced. How’s that for word of mouth 😉

“Escape from Cubicle Nation”

I should be in bed but I am compelled to get all the words out of my head so I can sleep tonight! Plus I am listening to an old electronica cd (I know, I can hear all the music snobs sighing 🙂 )

Today I spent an hour at Chapters searching for a book on business that I’d seen a while back on one of their open display tables. I’d written down a quote from the book that I liked that I was going to send to a friend. I never sent the quote and didn’t think to take down the author’s name or the name of the book. I only remember that I was a little embarrassed by the title of the book and almost didn’t pick it up!

I’ve been thinking about this book for a few months now and went to the book store in search of an embarrassing titled book in the business section.

I didn’t find the book I was looking for but was pleasantly surprised to find “Escape from Cubicle Nation” by Pamela Slim. This book encapsulate’s so many things my friends, coworkers and acquaintances and I have discussed numerous times about “cubicle nation”.

Because I do not have a large bank account and can’t afford a lawsuit (even though that nice man gave me his business card?! Another story for another day!) I will not start typing out the book, but next time you are in Chapters I highly recommend picking up this book and flipping through it, even buying it for your own personal library.

Escape from Cubicle Nation From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur

Great Business Media Branding Website

Great Business Media Branding Website

Website shared by a friend and mentor, clean, simple and informative.

Check out the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies article, so many great minds pushing boundaries and making dreams a reality.

Finding An Employer Worth Emulating: A Thing Of The Past?

I must share this opinion article from the New York Times of a company that culture changed so dramatically it became unrecognizable to it’s employee: Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs.

Networking, Business Links

Over the last few months, not to sound feminist, I have been looking for supportive, women in business groups. Here is a list of links that I have found helpful, either forwarded from friends or that I stumbled across that have been useful: – Marketing Site – Meet-up Group – Women’s Magazine – Women Networking Group

Women in Business (Toronto & GTA) – LinkedIn Group

Women in Business

Inspiring story of two sisters, running Chevrolet`s oldest family run business in its sixth generation.

The story begins in 1847, before the first American car manufacturing company existed in 1893, when Wesley Hare started building carriages. By 1912, his son had evolved the family business into mostly building automobile’s for a handful of brands including Cadillac and eventually becoming an exclusive Chevrolet franchise in 1921.