My morning muffin

My morning muffin

I feel guilty eating my banana nut muffin this morning. As I sit here outside, minding my own business, writing, there is a flock of 30 or more small birds hanging out on the patio stone. They get so close that by moving an inch I would undoubtedly touch them.

This birds are sitting around me picking up the little crumbs that are falling to the ground. I admit I am a messy eater! Isn’t food suppose to be enjoyed all messy instead of neat and tidy 🙂

The little brown birds make my heart swell and I have no idea why. I guess perhaps it’s this bizarre connection with nature, one I didn’t go seeking out.

A seemingly inconsequential simple pleasure and it made me smile; sharing my morning muffin!

On Dating and staying Attractive – article

On Dating and staying <i>Attractive</i> – article

I tried this experiment in real life and it WORKS, if you stop looking after yourself, you will get dumped 🙂 LOL

Male bird loses interest in fading females, study finds

(AFP) – 1 day ago

PARIS — Not unlike some among their human counterparts, male blue tits lose interest when their mates’ beauty starts fading, staying out longer and neglecting their offspring, a report said Monday.

Scientists who dulled the bright blue head tinge that crowns the female of the species, subsequently noticed the males skulking off for more alone time and making fewer trips to feed their chicks.

“It seems that they stay around, but not in the nest,” study co-author Matteo Griggio told AFP.

“Probably they take a rest…. It is not a joke, probably they keep some energy, maybe for the next breeding season?”

Both male and female blue tits, which usually have several mating partners in a lifetime, have feathers on the tops of their heads that reflect UV light.

For the purposes of the experiment, the team from the Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology in Vienna waited for chicks to hatch before smearing an oil containing UV-blocking chemicals on the crowns of the females.

To confirm that it would not be the smell that put off the males, they applied the same oil, without UV-blockers, to a separate test group of females.

The scientists said they took care not to render the partners unrecognisable to each other.

“The UV reflectance of the crown plumage of female blue tits significantly affected male investment in feeding nestlings,” the team wrote in a study published in the BioMed Central journal Frontiers in Zoology.

“Males made less frequent feeding trips when paired with UV-reduced females.”

While much has been written about male posturing and strutting to compete for female attention, this was a rare study to measure male response to female attractiveness in the animal kingdom.

The results showed that female blue tits must invest a lot of time in preening to remain attractive as sexual partners.

In nature, those birds with poorer personal hygiene risk losing their blue lustre under a coating of dust, pollution or parasites.

Hero Burger…not just Burgers

Hero Burger…not just Burgers

Contrary to popular belief, I do not shop at Hero Burger for their Burgers. Don’t get me wrong, they are yummy burgers, but its more than a burger.

It’s also not because its in the mall, nor the need to fight for a decent parking space and then end up giving in, parking across the road and playing chicken just to get to the food court. It’s not the certified Angus beef, or the delicious onion rings. It’s not even the mall birds that fly happily about, above all the folks eating their take-out meals below them.

By the way, about these mall birds. I have never seen one do the deed which makes me wonder, are they hybrid? trained to use the litter? or perhaps the little pebbles that they do produce, scatter into thin air prior to landing on people and their food? Anyone?

I digress (I dislike this word, but I an using it here), what I really like about Hero Burger is the Ketchup they give out with their fries. Its not any old ketchup, its HEINZ ketchup. If there were ever a worldwide ketchup contest, Heinz would win. The problem is some of my favourite little restaurants do not understand the importance of Heinz.

This is why I love Hero Burger. They give out these fun Dip & Squeeze Heinz ketchup packages. I caution against Dipping and Squeezing all at once, I am afraid the results may not be ideal.

You’ve likely guess, but I struggle through eating my bag of Hero fries sans ketchup. Why? Well I am thinking of the future, planning, strategizing on the next time I’ll be visiting Sizzling Jak’s and I can pull my neat little packages out of my pocket and have the most amazing, greasy breakfast, smothered in Heinz ketchup 🙂