After last weeks first day back, Marbles performance of being in charge along with my frustration of being relegated to utter powerlessness, I decided upon wearing my NOPE socks in an attempt to help counteract Marbles’ demands.

Easy enough?

I’d like to pretend taking back authority was as easy as a pair of socks and if it were true, I can think of all sorts of socks I might own to help out with difficulties. Instead it took a week of mental preparation of reminding myself, “No dead eyes, Power Position,” along with the echoing in my mind, “Long strides, lonnnng, powerful, marching strides, I want to see her moooove! Think of what you want and DEMAND!”

It is safe to say that with my weeklong repetitions coupled with my NOPE socks, I was able to break through, for a brief few minutes.

Around and around we went, on the rails, off the rails, over the rails, this way and that.

By the end I could no longer feel my ankles, my feet were fast asleep and I was exhilarated. I did it! I successfully and quietly asked for what I wanted and Marbles went trotting off with big fast steps, throwing me up and out of the saddle effortlessly, coming back down with each stride only to be pushed back up and out of the saddle again and again.

It is then that I knew I was in charge! And for that, I’ll be back.

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