An Apple A Day

The day was crisp. The sun shining.

I was late. I had misjudged traffic across the bottom of the city. Why did it feel as though there was an exodus to escape the city? Where was everyone going?

My cell rang.

“Are you on your way?”

“Almost, in a few minutes.”

“Oh great, before coming would you mind stopping off at the store to pick up a few ingredients for tonight.”

The parking lot was packed. Perhaps this is where everyone was going on a sunny, crisp Saturday afternoon – the grocery store.

Entering the vestibule, I spotted a small commotion.

Mom holding a cardboard apple picking basket full of apples in her right hand and with her left, holding tight to her sons right hand.

She is moving towards the store exit within the vestibule, gently pulling her son with her, “Over here honey, let’s go stand over on this side.”

Behind her, her son isn’t understanding, his body is twisted.

He is so excited, it’s permeating through his entire being.

It is obvious he has been assigned an important task to complete.

He is intent on the PEOPLE whom he sees entering the vestibule leading into the store. These people are going to help him achieve his goal. Why would he want to go anywhere but where the people were charging towards him?

As he is involuntarily pulled away from all these people, twisting like a fish at the end of a line, his little face tilted up, his voice full of squeaking urgency, he pleads to the crowd,

“Do you want to buy an apple? Do you want to support scouts!!”

Yes. Yes please.

2 thoughts on “An Apple A Day

  1. Always really enjoy your little vignette’s…FYI I retired last September and I guess that Courtesy could just not go on without me as it was recently sold to the Humberview group…

    xxxxx Ron


    1. Oh wow that will be a change for them at the dealership – with both you gone and being sold! Good memories 🙂

      Congrats on the retirement!

      And as always, thank you for your support of my little hobby 🙂


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