Wednesday Blues…or is it Pink

IMG_20150304_220903I could write a post all about my cruddy Wednesday and extend it back to when it all started…MONDAY! But nobody’s died and the Monday Blues that have found their way to Wednesday need to be sent packing.

After 8, 9, 10 hours of working on a document, Veronica Mars playing in the background (seriously, try it, ok it is a teen series BUT it’s a great non-distracting distraction!) and in need of interaction, I traded my sweats for worthy jeans and off to Chapters/Starbucks I went.

Standing in front of the show-case display, I noticed the goodies in front of me were new. Mmmm, cranberry lemon scone, sitting on top of a nice pink display paper. I moved to the cash. Oh, her apron is PINK too. So are the menu boards hanging up on the wall.

What’s with all the pink? Where’s the green?

I placed my order, paid and moved to the end of the bar to wait for my drink. The barista handed me my hot drink and I asked him about all the pink.

“It’s in celebration of the launch of ‘La Boulanger’ our new line”

“Oh cool” and I absently stated “Pink’s a nice feminine colour!”

He was going to have none of that! He straightened up his back and defended, “Pink is just as Manly a colour as it is Feminine!”

Yes sir 🙂

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