Ahh Flying

First trip of 2015 complete.

Heavy cross winds created weight restrictions for an outgoing flight to from Newark to Vancouver. I couldn’t decide if it was weight restrictions or if Air Canada had over booked their flight.  In any case they offered 9 passengers a coupon and a change of flight if they willingly gave up their evening flight direct to Vancouver and reroute through another city.

As I sat waiting for my Toronto flight I wondered to myself “Could they have possibly offered these people a diverted flight to Toronto.” Toronto is after all the hub for Air Canada flights.

Well yes of course 9 friends were added to our flight to Toronto in which we had sat in the tube at the gate for 45 minutes while they found their way to the airplane.

It’s not a big airport Newark, but it took these snowboarders 45 minutes while we all patiently sweated in our suits for them to board.

Once boarded, one of the gentleman, when shown his seat, twisted up his beautiful face and whined to the flight attendant, “But I specifically said that I do not want a window seat!” Refusing to sit down.  She looked at him, steady, not a word.  He sat down like an obedient puppy.

Pauvre petit chou!

I was ready to offer him my seat which included my luggage jammed under the seat in front of me, my knees at my neck and my sweaty armpit jacket to wrap around his shoulders!  Yum!


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