My Lady


Somewhere on my 2015 list of things to accomplish was to find a reputable Muay Thai dojo to join.

It has been a few weeks now at the dojo.  My arms are starting to feel like my own again and my abs are RIPPED,  OK maybe that’s an over statement, regardless it feels great to be back.

A few nights ago, a sparring partner gave me the best workout in as long as I can remember.  He didn’t hold back his kicks and by then end of his turn on attack, my midsection was screaming.

No problem, what comes around goes around 🙂 and during my turn on the attack I gave everything I could, right back at him.  If it was going to take me two days to recover, I sure as hell wanted to make sure it took him just as long!

Our class ended, we bowed to each other, he commented, “You’re strong.”

I smiled inside, mission accomplished!

Back in the dojo for a weekend class and we literally ran into each other coming around a corner.

He greeted me as if we were starring in a period piece, bowing slightly and murmuring “My Lady.”

Not so fast. HA!

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