Beware of the Zebra


A few weeks ago I met up with a friend for dinner. It was track suit day in the office and I was wearing a brand new track jacket. It isn’t a typical track jacket, the fabric has a Zebra pattern.

The moment we sat down to order I commented on the special day in the office.

His reply, “Oh that makes sense, I thought you were going to attack me.”

l didn’t ask for clarification, we’ve been friends for years, and instead made a mental note that as comfortable as my Zebra print track jacket might be I wouldn’t be wearing it on a first/second/third… date.

That should have been my clue.

This evening after spending the day working from home I decided to take a quick trip to the mall to get out of my house, see people and exercise . I didn’t think twice about my comfy Zebra track jacket l was wearing and off I went.

l rounded the bend on the last hallway of the Mall, getting set to come home.

There was a man and what looked like his two teenage daughters walking towards me.

The man slowed down, he had his eye on me. He swapped sides with one of his daughters setting himself up to be beside me when they walked past.

They were one step away when he made his move.

He leaned in close enough for me to hear him whisper with forced air “BEAUTIFUL”

Goodbye Zebra print comfy track jacket, for ever banished from public view!

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