The In-between

The office is chilly even with the powerful electric heater on full blast.

Her feet are cold. The coolness radiating from the cement floor bypasses her wool socks.

She is waiting for a call.  The call that will either set her free from this cool office or glue her with continued vigour to the cold floor.

She needs to warm up.

The privacy of the restrooms will warm her up.  With 12 foot ceiling’s, solid wood doors that touch the ceiling and floor, the 5′ x 3′ restroom stalls keep the coolness at bay.  She covers the toilet seat with toilet paper.   She plans to be here until her legs go numb.

The call still doesn’t come, not even with the inconvenience of the restroom. Who would answer a call while sitting on the jon?  Isn’t this what happens in the movies?  The protagonist inserts themselves in the most inconvenient situation and that thing they were begging to happen, finally happens.  At the most inconvenient time.

Nothing happens.

Her legs go numb.

She stands up, leaning against the wall.  The toilet automatically flushes behind her.  She pulls her pants up, leaves the stall.

Off to the cafeteria,  another inconvenient location to take an important call.

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