Bembelman’s Bakery…

Bembelman’s Bakery…

bembelmendsA few weeks ago my sister shared a story about my nephew and one of his new favourite books “Harold and the Purple Crayon”. Using his purple crayon, Harold creates his own world how ever he imagines.

One day my nephew took it upon himself to create his own world with a blue marker…you can imagine what happened 🙂

A fabulous imagination.

Hey, a little redecoration of a family room never hurts!!

And so as his aunt it is my duty to encourage creativity, hence a small parcel of two books, shipped off to his address.

One new imaginative book called “The Day The Crayons Quit” and one of my childhood favourites “Bembelman’s Bakery”.

It was after I’d shipped them that I found out my nephew was already the proud owner of a copy of “Bembelman’s Bakery”.

No problem. What is better than having one of the greatest children’s books? Having TWO!

He received the package, helped his mom open the box, reached in, pulled out “Bembelman’s Bakery”, laughed and exclaimed incredulously:

“How did ‘Bembelmans Bakery’ get into the box?!”


A few more childhood favourites:

Click on image to listen to the book online!
Click on image to listen to the book online!



What were your favourite childhood books?!

3 thoughts on “Bembelman’s Bakery…

  1. other enforced favourites are nana upstairs and nana downstairs plus a massive illustrated nursery rhymes anthology 😉


    1. I will have to check them out! And send them off in the mail as well 😉 I was hooked on his Llama Llama Red Pajama book too – children’s books make me smile inside and out 🙂


  2. yay! so glad you sent the day the crayons quit. my little mister is a huge oliver jeffers fan (enforced by his mother 😉 )


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