Kiwi has an allergy

Kiwi has an allergy

Over the last few weeks Kiwi has been experiencing a few allergic reactions.  Some swelling, a rash and hives are all cause for concern.

And so, as with any sickness, he was having daily check-ins.

I nominated myself for one of his check-ins.

I arrived at his place just after 5pm and he greeted me with the barking of a healthy pup! Phew.

I let him out for a walk and checked his ears and abdomen for any signs of further reactions.  There were none and with errands to run I left him in his home.

Two hours later I returned to pick him up.

Up the stairs I went.


l fumbled with the keys and called his name.


I opened the door. It was pitch black. I called out to Kiwi again.


I started panicking. What if he had a reaction while I was away. What if he DIED, what would I tell my friend!

I frantically felt around for the light switch in the entry way.


I quickly stepped out of my boots and moved to the kitchen, slapping the walls as I went, looking for a switch.


l continued calling for Kiwi in the dark.  Where was the lousy light switch!  I found it in the dining room.

And there he was.

Curled up on the top of the couch.


Wagging his tail.

Watching me.

l wanted to SQMEEZE him!


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