The Unsuspecting Coffee Shop Philanthropist

Ya’ll know how much I like my coffee shop. How proud I am of my personal “account” at my coffee shop. It’s the little things that make me extremely happy!

Over the holiday’s I had the luxury of vising my shop on weekdays and it is the weekday’s that are the most exciting at the coffee shop.

On this particular Thursday morning, I arrived at the shop, excited for my weekday visit.

I was the second in line. The lady in front of me was giddy. She was bringing her friend out for a coffee and she was using her account. I can’t say for certain, but I like to believe the reason she was taking her friend out for coffee was for the simple fact that she had an account! Everyone who has an account wants to show it off, trust me 🙂

The lady behind the counter rings up the order deducts from the account and says, “Ma’am you owe $1.30.”

The woman looked at the barista confused.

“You don’t have enough on your account ma’am; you still owe us $1.30.”

Hmmmm, the lady looks down at her breakfast cookie that she’d just taken a bite from and looks up, “That’s too bad, I would suggest giving back my breakfast cookie but I just took a bite.” She looked disappointed. After another few months she comes up with a great idea, “Well can you make my drink a small instead of a medium?”

“Sure,” responds the barista and she changes the order, “however now you owe us .54 cents.”

“Could I just pay you next time I am in?” the lady asks.

“Unfortunately, no.”

Being second in line, wondering how long this was going to last, I started to sift through my wallet, I was sure I had $1.30, even .54 cents to cover the cost. In my opinion a small fee to pay in order to get my own drink a little quicker.

The lady twisted and turned, looked up and down in her discomfort of not knowing what to do. She then came up with a grand idea and spun around to face me. She looked in my eyes then down to my hands that were rummaging around in my wallet and she declared, “You read my mind, I was just going to ask you to pay for my coffee.”

You’d think she’d stop there but no, there was more on her mind.

“It’s your day. It’s your day to pay-it-forward. This is meant to be. Everyone needs to pay-it-forward and this is your day!!” She said with such enthusiasm.

I gritted my teeth, smiled at this most bizarre woman. I had exactly $1.30 and I really didn’t want more change in my wallet, I handed the barista the exact change and said, “Just make her the medium drink.”

The lady turned to me again and asked my name.

Why does she need my name, I thought but I blurted it out anyhow. “It’s Dawnafaye.”

“Dawna,” big pause, “HAY,?” she declared.

“No, it’s Dawna……..FAYE,” and I made sure to enunciate the Faye as best I could.

“Ohhhhhhh, Dawnafaye!!!!”

She turned to her friend and announced, “What an unusual name, have you heard of such and oddddd name!!!”

I stood there shocked; did I really just pay for this ladies coffee?!

2 thoughts on “The Unsuspecting Coffee Shop Philanthropist

  1. Must admit that it gave me a bit of trouble at first…but well worth the effort of getting it right when it was attached to such a great gal!


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