Bed Time Stories

To this day, it seems most logical to have someone read me a bed time story versus laying there watching a show of some sort before falling asleep.

In my experience, trying to keep my eye-lids open long enough to see the end of a show or movie feels like more effort than the ending is worth. The nights I have decided to watch something before bed, I have skipped ahead to the ending just to give my eyelids a rest. I figure the middle can easily be deciphered by watching the first 10 minutes and last 15 minutes of any movie.

There have been some great bed time story tellers in my past and as I get older the harder it is becoming to find suitable bed time story tellers. Either they are too focused on something less important or they lack the voice. Since it is more effort than the return on investment is worth, I’ve decided having a celebrity call me and read me a few pages out of a book of my choice before I fall asleep seems much more realistic and possible.

And here is my list:

1. Richard Armitage – I don’t know anyone with his deep, smooth voice. If his voice were a dessert, I’d call it strawberry short-cake or maybe even a Root beer Float! I’d want him to read me the evening news and a chapter a night of “Ender’s Game”. I’d even ship him my copy as long as he promised to ship it back.

2. Susan Sarandon – I just like her voice, she brings her characters to life, is authentic and believable.

3. John Cusack – He could read me the script of any of his movies, one chapter at a time (do they call them chapters?!) and I would do my best not to interrupt him.

Who would your list include?

I asked a few co-workers who they would add to their list of bed time story tellers and one asked for clarification, “What happens after the stories?”

“Nothing, you fall asleep”

“Well that’s DUMB”, and she refused to participate.

I stand by my DUMB story-teller list rules 😉 and I all the more want her to participate and maybe even break the rules!

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