Oh Panama How I Miss You

Oh Panama How I Miss You


It’s an adjustment getting back from being away and there are a few things I miss….quite a bit.

List of things I miss:

1. Jello as a dessert after lunch.

2. Cafe latte’s from the lobby bar.

3. Nightly entertainment in a language Yo No Comprendo! I did however understand that that one night the dancer’s were performing a rendition of S&M from someone’s bedroom. Am I really sitting amoungst a PG-13 crowd? What kind of resort AM I REALLY AT!

4. Karaoke, again in a language I do not understand and more importantly a French-Canadian duet of “Lady in Red” ….. ahhhhh

5. Climbing palm trees.

6. Bathroom tissue with a mild baby powder scent. It exists. Odd.

7. Greek style lamb stew.

8. Eating bun-less hamburgers overloaded with salsa.

IMG-20121130-009199. The not so well stocked Lobby Library

10. The rain. Rain on vacation is not the worst that can happen. Being beat-up by an ATV is much worse.

11. The stairs, so many many stairs.

And most of all,

11. Being disconnected.

4 thoughts on “Oh Panama How I Miss You

    1. {fact} A girl from Canada decided to go on an ATV tour with her boyfriend. It didn’t turn out as planned and the ATV flipped, landed on her twice. She dislocated her femur (ouch) and was on crutches most of her vacation.

      The thing we learned is, Canadians get 30 days health insurance paid for by the Panamanian government – pretty good incentive to Travel as a Canadian to Panama!

      She didn’t end up having to call her insurance provider for the accident.


  1. I miss it tooooooooooo 😦

    Few notes:

    1. The picture of the monkey in the tree looks like a postcard!

    2. You forgot to specify that 4. Is a partial {story} since that couple was on our bus to the airport :p

    3. Ok, so there were only a couple of things… But we’re become good at lists, so what the heck!


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