The would-be Kamikaze Grandma and her Scooter

Today I made my way to the coffee shop after a number of days reprieve. It wasn’t planned that way, just some times life gets in the way of me and my coffee shop! šŸ˜¦

Today is the first time ever I have helped someone on a scooter cross the road. Normally they are trying to run me down on the sidewalk while weaving around pedestrians.

I have always wondered at these power scooters that are sometimes spotted driving on the road pretending to be a real automobile. We are confused enough about where road bikes fit into traffic and now we have an infestation of confident scooters darting here and there. Owning the roads, side walks and bike lanes, ignoring road rules, cloaked in their capes of invisibility.

So I was mightily amused when a 60-something woman sitting on her scooter pulled up alongside me and asked for my help.

We were waiting for the traffic lights to change and she asked me,

“Do you think I’ll be able to make it across the street car tracks and over that metal grate sitting an inch higher than the pavement?”

I looked down at her scooter to see the size of the wheels and replied, “Oh I am sure you’ll be fine and if you have any doubts my suggestion would be to take a good fast run at it – I am sure you’ll make it over.”

She chuckled, “I’ll see how this goes, do you mind staying with me while I cross?”

I agreed to stick with her and we started across the street at a fair clip – I was lightly jogging. I was curious to see what she’d do, continue her speed or slow down.

As we got closer to the grate she slowed down, turned to me and said, “I am just really too tentative to go that fast.” and slowing to a snails pace, moved her scooter over the metal grate.

She made it to the south side walk, thanked me, turned and off she “scooted” to her destination.

Now I am left wondering if she hadn’t of slowed down and turned out to be the kamikaze grandma I was hoping she’d be, what if the scooter had of tipped over? Seriously what would I have done. Catch the scooter in mid-air?

Better she didn’t take my advice for both hers and my safety šŸ™‚

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