First Ride on my Bike-On-Loan

First Ride on my Bike-On-Loan

My desire to go whirling down the road faster than a jog won out over my fear of getting on a bike after all.

My maiden voyage on the bike was thrilling. I got home from work one early morning and sat on my couch – inspecting the bike.

Wondering if I remembered how to ride.

The tires, quite frankly, frightened me. I had agreed to the slicks on the sole basis that I would be able to go faster with less effort. Call me lazy!!!

I felt panicked and wondered how I would fare on such tires. After googling racing tire’s I felt better that I didn’t need to be an expert to keep from falling off.

The investigation exercise, which I’ve recently learned is actually called AIDA, exhausted my energy. So I kept sitting on my couch and watched a movie Of course all in the name of settling my heart rate before attempting the ride :).

By 3pm I was feeling calm and carried the bike down the 10 flights of stairs to the driveway.

The ride to the coffee shop was a little nerve racking. I had to dodge pebbles, stones, sand, pot holes and a short strip of sidewalk. I was starting to reconsider my calmness by the time I got to the coffee shop.

I had my second panic attack upon arriving. As much as I was nervous of the tires, I didn’t want the bike stolen. I looked around for a place to lock it up – I was sufficiently lost.

The amused older gentleman on the back patio kindly pointed out the bike rack that was blaringly obvious!!! I locked up and went in to get my coffee.

Coffee – check
Bike – check
Tires still inflated – check

With renewed confidence I set off on the Lakeshore trail bound for the big TO. Halfway in to town I realized I didn’t have the portable bike pump, what if I suddenly experienced a flat!?!?!?

Abandoning my trek, I turned around and headed home.

2 thoughts on “First Ride on my Bike-On-Loan

  1. I need to get over my fear of riding my bike…. When are we going?! And I want an Olympic horn like yours too 😀


    1. Bring your bike with you and we can do a tour together. Mind you I’ll be on my blades, my sit bones are still in a rather large amount of pain! 😦

      And I don’t mind sharing my horn!!


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