My Olympic Training for New Obscure Summer Sport

My Olympic Training for New Obscure Summer Sport

There are muscles in my body that I never knew existed. Isolated during intense Olympic training sessions these past few days.

We can all agree that the Summer Olympics is a hodge podge of sports that can be played anywhere as long as they are indoors. There is no need to necessarily play them in the summer time.

Obscure sports such as Modern Pentathlon.

Seriously, a sport invented purposefully for the Summer Olympics, a collage of five disiplines that “simulates the experience of a 19th century cavalry soldier behind enemy lines”*. The five disiplines include; épée fencing, pistol shooting, 200 metre freestyle swimming, show jumping on horseback, 3 km cross country running. I have never seen this particular sport so I cannot validate it’s existence however since Wikipedia supports a whole page on this sport along with medals won by country since 1912, it HAS to be real.

If such an obscure and useless sport in today’s society exists, I vote that we add a Summer Olympic sport that people can do on a daily basis. A sport that can be practised, honed and mastered during workday hours.

The sport I put forth is the Ladder Climb, combined with a Chair lift.

The rules of the sport:
– 10′ Ladder
– chair weight 35lbs
– chair height 5′
– chair depth 3′
– 1 Person on the ground no taller than 5’5″
– 1 Person on the ladder no taller than 5’8″

This sport is timed. The team of two must remove chairs from a height of 12′ and move them 100 feet through an obstacle course of delicate glass ornaments hanging on trees of 10′ in height (come-on we need some Holiday spirit during the summer!!).

The team of two is given a rough guide of how each chair needs to be moved and where is should be placed – approximately. I say approximately because throughout the obstacle course, team member 2 (denoted in the photo as “Person 2”) is handed new instructions. These instructions send team member 2 on a “where’s Waldo” hunt in a stack of boxed chairs. Their task is to find specific additional chairs to add to the already existing chairs in the obstacle course.

This creates some challenges because sometimes this means chairs that have been successfully placed in their rightful spot now have to be re-arranged. Chairs must be arranged by Style, Colour and Size – there is some room for interpretation by the team on how the chairs should look so this is tricky because they have to be exactly how the judges want them (kind of like the Figure skating point system…open to wide interpretation).

Points are awarded based on how close to the diagram the finished chairs appear, how many glass ornaments remaing unbroken and untouched along with how fast the team can complete the task.

Sound like a great new Olympic Sport idea? 🙂

*Wikipedia Fact

5 thoughts on “My Olympic Training for New Obscure Summer Sport

  1. LOL! Maaaan…I wonder if the original creators of this sport appropriately rated its degree of difficulty to ensure maximun points are earned… Something tells me they have no idea what they created!!


  2. That’s not as funny as I thought it was going to be …

    No seriously, made me laugh! I could come up with some other new Olympic sports … Candle 100m Sprint (how many can you hold and sprint across the store without dropping any) is my front runner right now!


    1. LOL, on my next shift I’ll have to try that one out and see how adept I am…can I add one stipulation?!?!?! The athletes must done the Manny-esque apron……


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