My Bike-On-Loan

My Bike-On-Loan

I’ve spent the better part of the early afternoon watching You Tube how-to video’s on fixing bikes.


Well my brother-in-law has kindly lent me one of his bikes to help me expand my horizon’s. You see, by now I know every crack in the payment and all the uneven spots in the side walks in my limited walking-distance boundary.

Besides all that, in the last few months of walking I have also been shamelessly followed, chatted-up and generally harrassed and armed with a racing bike, well see y’all later boyz!!!

So the adventure begins.

However my bike-on-loan is missing one important feature – a bike bell. We all know that ding ding dinging that bell makes for fast friends and gives advance warning to all the non-cyclists of who’s boss.

So the bike bell plan….

…using plastic-tie-straps, secure my parting Nissan gift, the β€œBig Sale” horn, to the front right handle bar.

That outta be intimidation enough!

4 thoughts on “My Bike-On-Loan

  1. (To be read in ‘the most interesting man in the world voice’) I don’t ordinarily ride a bike…but when I do it’s on my fat tired Beach Cruiser!
    Actually, I do ride it quite often and here in Florida a big squeeze to squeak parrot mounted on my handlebars does the trick! Nice horn though!


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