The Amazing Spitting Man

The Amazing Spitting Man

The man has skill. I would say he rivals llamas. He has fantastic distance on his spit. It travels in a steady stream at least three feet before it taper’s off and falls to the ground.

He is one bad-ass dude and he wants us all to know it.

Nothing is going to get him down. He’s going to squirm in his seat, twisting his head right and left, attempting to figure out who dared sit directly behind him.

There is something comical about the sideways eyeball stare 🙂

What I couldn’t quite figure out was what made him so bad-ass.

A) His many tattoo’s.

B) His many piercing’s.

C) His amazing spitting ability.

D) His TTC streetcar rider-ship.

And if it was D, how do I join the club?

I am still perplexed at the spitting and trying to find a scenario when this skill would be useful and advantageous.

Any ideas?!

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