The Paddywack

Not very often do I feel that shock, the kind that takes your breath away, makes you blush and pretty much want to re-wind.

Its been pretty hot lately all over North America and hot weather means cotton and cotton dresses happen to be the coolest thing to wear. So getting ready for an evening out being entertained at a friends house I choose my jersey dress that I hardly ever wear.

You see jersey isn’t all that flattering. It hangs and shows all the lumps and bumps and underwear lines. But when it’s hot, who cares?! Besides if I paid attention and didn’t tug it here and there I knew I could make it through the evening quite ok.

What I wasn’t anticipating was to be paddywacked not once, twice but three times in quick succession by a not so serious 7-year old. LOL.

I am sure if my face was caught on film it would have captured the horror from the sensation of my buttocks rising and falling underneath my jersey dress. That OMG this feels HORRIBLE and likely looks even worse!

My fellow ladies, you know what I am talking about. Its not the initial act of a paddywack but rather the resulting jiggle that ensues.

I waited for the jiggles to stop, unwound my face and had to laugh.

As for the dress, it has been hung quietly in the back of my closet.

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