My Blackberry and why I want RIM to get it together

There are more negative articles surrounding Blackberry maker RIM than there are positive. Yes there was that one mostly positive article (here) a week ago from the new CEO Thorsten Heins.

My point of view is unfortunately biased by the media even though I own and love my BB.

1. The board of directors need to get their heads out of the sand and focus on re-building a business.

2. The BB10 better be what they loosely en vision it to be and be “revolutionary”, whatever that means today.

I will cry if they fail to turn the company around. Ya, it’s pretty cool its a Canadian company but I wouldn’t even care if it was an empire built in Antarctica.

What I like about my Blackberry (and I’ve tried iPhone, and Samsung) are the following and though these may seem silly they are big deals to me :).

1. I can drop it down a flight of 50 cement stairs multiple times and it still works. I accept that I should be nominated for the klutz of the year award.

2. It has a full and easy to use keypad. Most of my blog posts are written on my Blackberry including this one.

3. I have all the apps I need to function in my daily life. I mean if I was an MI-5 spy I’d need something with less of a keyboard and more gadgetry. But today in my less exciting life I don’t need an app called “slap the kitty” or any other useless time consuming app. I have a list of other more interactive useless things to do with my useless time…

4. I like BB Messenger even if most of my friends have moved to other devices. I still like updating the little picture and adding random comments that usually hold no purpose or meaning. Its much less intrusive than Facebook.

5. I can type over 40 words per minute on my device – ok I haven’t timed myself but I’ll take on the challenge. Maybe there is an app for than on an Apple product 🙂

Trust me, there are things I don’t like about my BB, like how it synchronizes with my laptop; it is super annoying and complicated. And how small the screen is; that’s me in the corner with my giant magnifying glass trying to read the news in size minuscule font.

Most of all I get pretty attached to my electronic devices. I find ways to let them help me do things more efficiently and I don’t feel like having to learn another operating system and re-organize my electronic life around someone else’s idea of efficiency.

Just like I miserably let go of my old Nokia’s, I fear some day soon I’ll also be going through the same break-up pain with my BB :(.

Get it together RIM!

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