Live Forward

The last week I have been having a difficult time staying focused on my personal projects; a term that I have grown to really like.

At work we give important titles and elaborate explanations to the tasks that we are being paid to complete. When we strip away the title, the importance of being important, who and what are we then? What ignites us and what is our passion?

These are questions I have been working on answering these past few months. I am finding it much simpler to ask questions than it is to answer them, or perhaps having difficulty implementing change once I have answers?

It is experience that make us interesting but by golly some days I am done with this thing called experience. I want to hang it up on a wall and let the cobwebs grow.

Fortunately there is only one option; to keep experiencing and finding our way. To face the fear, appreciate that we may never understand and continue making the effort. To trust instinct, pick a destination – simply Live Forward

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