The Hair Update

The Hair Update

A few weeks ago I gave in – the red hair had to go and so did all the dead ends that remained from the “blond” days. It never was completely blond but at one point it did get pretty darn close. Close enough that it made my skin look like washed up drift wood. The semi-blond experiment was long before the Red adventure, but as you can imagine the effects of bleaching were still visible.

Needless to say my red hair was in desperate need of some attention and I didn’t have the time to make my way to my hair dresser’s and so I opted to try a salon within walking distance of my house.

How bad could it be, it’s not like I was trying to cut my own bangs?

I found a place that looked suitable. Their sign was nice and shiny and the google reviews seemed decent.

I picked out a new colour that matched close to my natural colour and found a cut in one of the many hair styling books that would remove all the unwanted blond red coppery ends.

The hairdresser was good to her word. The hair cut looked exactly like the picture in the book. What I wasn’t prepared for was how the style looked like on ME.

It’s a nice cut…for someone else.

What do I look like?

Well, I am the proud owner of a 90’s hair style that compels me to take up chain-smoking, wear a bandana (what you thought on my head?! Pftt!) and join the metal pull cart fraternity (I am sure they exists, I know one exists and the ladies on the GO bus have the inside track!).

I can’t tell you what these four items have in common (90’s hair, chain-smoking, bandanas and metal pull carts) or why they seem to all fit in the same category but somehow they do.

Good thing for hair that grows and may I curb my enthusiasm to try new things when the tried-and-tested works just fine…

3 thoughts on “The Hair Update

  1. You are, seriously, the bravest person I know… Scissors, in strangers’ hands, near my hair = extreme anxiety


    1. Haha, thanks for the vote of confidence of Bravery! Wasn’t the hair lovely though. I realize now what it reminds me of – the Joan Jett character from The Runaways. October won’t come soon enough, in the mean time, I’m gonna rock my Joan Jett hairdo haha


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