It has been awhile since my last post. I have written but not published and I am not sure why.

However I must share this.

I think it may be time for a car…

“Hey miss, miss”

I look across the street to a little old man waving madly at me.

“Miss, hello, that was me.” He pants excitedly, “That was me as you were walking right up the stairs.”. He can hardly catch his breath even though he just got out of his 4-door blue Honda Civic.

I ignore him.

“You were walking up the stairs,” he repeats.

I nod and glare at him. I was aware of the honk. If he had of looked closely my right leg had momentarily stopped mid-step when he honked his car horn. I had done my best to not show my surprise at the mad honking and kept walking up the stairs without turning around.

Now he was across the street out of his car talking a mile a minute with his European accent.

I continued walking as he yelled “Have a nice day miss.”

For sure I will…….

I heard him get in his car and drive slowly up behind me.

His window rolled down. I am thanking my lucky stars for my martial arts – at least I may stand a chance.

“Miss, miss, that was me honking as you walked up the stairs, it was MEEE!”

Yes I got it the first time as I forced a sneering smile – stop that car again buddy and you’ll be damn sorry.

He sees me dialing my friend as he drives away, yelling out his window.

“Miss I am not following you, I swear, I just honked at you. that was me honking.”

I get it – bugger off before I hurt you.

Time for a can of mace, a hand gun permit, a car or all three?

6 thoughts on “OMG

  1. love it! so much better than my stalker the other day… all i got after he followed me for two blocks was ‘i like your hair, want to have coffee?’ ummm…. nooooo….


  2. HAHA!! I would opt for the mace. But he is an older man, so what can some mace do that a swift kick to the special area won’t?


    1. Unfortunately the old guys don’t hold back – he wouldn’t be getting any favours if he came anywhere close to my personal space and you are right, nothing a “swift kick” wouldn’t solve LOL


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