Bat Girl and Fresh Minty

Bat Girl and Fresh Minty

We are all well aware of Bat Man, Cat Woman but move over Bat Girl has arrived in town!

I love my niece’s and nephew primarily for how ridiculous they can be and funny.

Bat Girl I am guessing must be the offspring of Bat Man? I suppose I need to get caught up on my reading…or just visit Wikipedia 🙂

It is important to know Bat Girl is on the loose today. My favourite part of the outfit are the yellow gloves.

So in other news, I spent the other day at the mall with another little munchkin. She’s a good little shopper but has decided malls are best for playing tag and hide and seek.

“Come on auntie, chase me, chase me, you’re iiiittttt….”

And off she’d dance circles around me trying to get me to run.

Instead of tag we settled for throwing pennies in the water fountain. I only had one penny, I know why didn’t I come prepared!! But that’s ok because it is fully acceptable to reach into the water and get the penny for a second, third, fourth, fifth throw. On the umpteenth throw the penny landed in with it’s friends. This is when the penny throwing came to an abrupt end.

“I am going to leave the penny cause I can’t tell which one is mine!”

We were also chewing gum that day. Its a big girl thing to do but after chewing for an hour she decided to spit it out.

Before she went to the garbage she asked,

“Do you know why people chew gum?”

“Not a clue, why?”

“So they can have fresh minty breath.”

And off she darted to dispose of her gum.

She returned only to declare


And with that she opened her mouth wide so I could smell her fresh minty mouth.

Only a child 🙂 and that is why they are so great. They make us laugh, smile and help us be a little more…I don’t know haha! I am sure there are some “happy endorphins” that are generated every time they do something funny that we WISH we could do as adults but never would 🙂

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