The New Coffee Girl

I believe that my saving grace on my new found freedom may just be my coffee shop. It is full of quirky which happens to be my speciality.

There is a new girl working the cash. I call her a girl but she’s not really a girl since a girl would insinuate someone under 10 and she is without a doubt older than 10!

Yesterday may have been her first day. If it wasn’t, it was a painful second or third. I had to be all complicated on her yesterday; see it was the day I needed to top up my account.

It took nearly 10 minutes to get my coffee but probably for the first time ever, it was fun standing in line.

This afternoon I am back. I have to use up my account and besides I am a creature of habit (even though I like to pretend I am not).

As I am waiting to place my order another customer lined up behind me and shouted at the owner:

“Marilyn, how are you doing today?”

I am not sure the customer, who obviously is a regular, really cared how Marilyn was doing but then again…perhaps.
“I am great, how are you doing miss customer

“Well…..I am alive”

The cash lady chuckled, the barista (you know how it pains me to say this word) chuckled, the customer in front of me chuckled and so did Marilyn.

We were standing there all alive – good for us 🙂

So our alive customer behind me isn’t done. She squeezes between me and the counter and leans in as close as possible to the new cash girl.

“Hey new girl, what’s your name?”

“Mary, my name is mary.”

“Huh, well whatd’ya do before comin’ here?”

“Well I have been many things. A cab driver, I lived in the woods for a few years and now I am here.”

“Hmmm, well you look fantastic!!”

“Thanks ma’am.”

And the conversation trailed off.

Now there are no more funny stories because I had to leave the shop so I could burst out laughing. I don’t want to appear rude and ruin this great thing I’ve got going on, a daily comedic episode for the price of a coffee 🙂

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