Happy Mother’s Day

I like that we have days throughout the year that are set aside to remind us to take time to be thankful. I admit I did get a little annoyed following up to today with my email inbox being filled up with Retailer emails about how and where I should spend my money in celebration of Mother’s Day. But I accept it’s part of the culture we live in and suppose much simpler to embrace the annoyance and move on.

To my Mom, who gave me wings to fly. To the woman I deeply respect and appreciate: her Love, her Conviction, her Strength, her Unwavering Faith and her Commitment.

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. My dear old Mom passed away twenty five years ago and it feels just as though we had dinner on the weekend…you talk to me you talk to my mom..her values and approach to life are always foremost in the way I make it through each day.


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