Baritone voices

This morning is a great morning to be anywhere but home. It’s a gorgeous day. I took a tour to my coffee shop and it’s teeming with people! People I am seeing for the first time. It seems the longer this place is open the more people come to see what it’s all about. I highly recommend coming to see what it is all about.

I may have described the interior before but maybe not the attending coffee barista’s. I don’t really like calling them barista’s because this shop doesn’t really buy in to pretentious naming conventions. In fact it would be more suitable to call them Nuns and Priests with all the church pews in the shop. However they are neither Nuns nor Priests they are just regular people that have regular days and are sometimes grumpy.

Today there is a group of music teachers talking about testing students. They are talking about accidentals, flash cards and a whole slew of other terms that well, frankly I haven’t heard in a long while.

In any event I am highly tempted to be frustrated with them because they are being so loud. So loud in fact that I can hardly hear myself think and this doesn’t happen very often because my thinking thoughts are pretty loud.

So in my little state of frustration I desperately want to go over and kick the church pew’s they are seated at (anger management I KNOW seriously!).

Instead, I take a deep breath and think. Who do I know that has such a deep baritone voice that carries block on block on end…hmmmm…and it hits me, my brother!

How can I be angry with a group of older gentlemen having a good time at the expense of their students if they all sound like my brother with their voices that are likely carrying all the way to the lake front? If I close my eyes they do sound like a group of teenage guys out to have a good time, is that so wrong?

Well I can’t be angry.

So I put in my head phones turn on my own music, give one last long stare at the loudest of them all, forgive them for taking over my coffee shop and try to focus on why I am here in the first place…you know…world dominance haha 🙂

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