Thank You

Today I have been making a slight dent in my attempt at spring cleaning. My condo looks like a hurricane just passed through and as I sift through items I wonder if they are mine or my neighbours. Do I really own that many purses, shoes, pencils, books, clothes and lastly dust bunnies!!

I know dust bunnies are like a dirty word. No one wants to admit they exist in our houses but they do. They are sneaky little things, clean one day and alas they’ve already started collecting out of sight behind the couch.

So besides the irrelevant spring cleaning section of this post, I want to thank each of you for taking time out of your day to read my blog posts and for all the comments sent through Email, BBM, Facebook and directly here on WordPress! I love comments they make my day and I type just a little bit faster 🙂

Since starting my blog late November I am well over 2,000 reads – now to put this in perspective this is not a huge number in the blogging world and if this were a sales and marketing campaign it would be considered a failure. But alas, this is not a sales campaign, just a marketing one 🙂 kidding.

But seriously I want to thank you all and share with you the multi-national, multi-country readership so far:

Dominica 🙂
South Africa
Viet Nam
Hong Kong
Republic of Korea
Germany (the Germans read about my visit, I am honoured!)
United Kingdom
Russian Federation
United States


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