There IS Still Hope

This just in, that is right folks, “There is still hope for you ‘ecitygirl'”

Phew, because I was starting to wonder! 🙂

So I did the thing I do best, “What do you mean?”

“Well……like….for you to live a long lasting life.”

“Uh-huh, what does that mean though?”

“Well…’re 30..”

“Actually, I am more than 30, I am … ”

“Yes, but for this conversation, let’s just say you just turned 30”

“Ok, so what does me being ’30’ and ‘there is still hope’ have anything to do with each other?”

“Well……just that, you know, you can live a fulfilling life between now and 70.”

“Ummmmm, ok, but I am still having trouble seeing the correlation :)”

Of course I knew what he was getting at, I think ya’ll can guess at it too!

Problem is, I am having a fulfilling life, just not the same one that he’s having 🙂 and I suppose in some form I appreciate his well intended concern.

6 thoughts on “There IS Still Hope

  1. lol. didn’t you know, there is only one way to have a fulfilling life and if you aren’t living it, then well.. there’s still hope i guess 😉


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