The Case Of The Clean Underwear

Saturday morning sales meetings, I’d heard of them while sitting in the corporate glass castle but never fully understood what these meetings were really about.

Yes it is a rally call to pump up sales folks before the rush of customers arrive at the dealer for their Saturday shopping; however its more than that. Its a place that funny conversation happens and I admit its not always scholarly, but innocent (?! debatable ?!) and sometimes ridiculous and funny.

Working on a team of sales men or perhaps a better descriptor, boys :), certainly adds a little bit of flavour to a day. Topics of conversation may not exactly be things I am so interested about discussing for hours on end, which takes us back to the Saturday sales meeting.

I am not really sure how the topic of underwear came up but it did and as expected, just like the topics of flatulence and burping at a boys middle school pyjama party (do guys have middle school sleep overs or is that just girls!), this topic was going wildly in the wrong direction until one gentleman said something like this:

“Yes, well my wife reminds me that I should change my underwear everyday.”


And with that, I burst out laughing.

As you can imagine, a debate ensued over cleanliness. By the end of the meeting there was a “general consensus that it is always a good idea to wear clean underwear”.

I am not sure how many cars were sold that Saturday, but I am pretty sure there is no more confusion surrounding personal hygiene.

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