Envrionmentally Triggered, Sensory Overload in the Workplace

Today I came across the following article in Business Insider about Attention Deficit Trait.

It talks about how ADT is environmentally triggered and essentially sensory overload to the detriment of actually being productive.

We all talk about prioritizing tasks and managing stress and then we allow ourselves one extra project and more responsibility.

We beat ourselves up when we feel like we are losing the priority and stress management challenge and dig in a little deeper to prove to the world around us that we are invincible.

There is a wall at the end of the road and if we hit it, I am told it hurts.

3 thoughts on “Envrionmentally Triggered, Sensory Overload in the Workplace

    1. Yes so true.

      Next on my agenda is to find an article published about bullies and how leadership of each company shapes the culture in what is/isn’t acceptable when it comes to bullying. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Discussion’s surrounding teenage bullying has been very prominent in the media in the last few years. Bullying never really disappears after high school, in my opinion; bullies find an environment in their adult life that helps them ignore their underlying insecurities and allows them instead to hone their bullying skills. It is much easier to hide bullying in the workplace because it becomes an acceptable leadership style. We should be teaching the next generation not only how to deal with bullying, but also teach bullies how to deal with their underlying social difficulties, whatever they might be.


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