Subconscious Existence

Ok so here I am trying to figure out what to do, why am I always trying to figure out what to do? If I just did instead of trying to figure everything out it would work a lot quicker and stuff would get done. Distractions, I will blame it on them, they come along and take me away from whatever it is I should be doing, it’s not my fault! 😉

It may be surprising, being in the automotive industry and all, that I cannot remember the last time I picked up a car magazine and flipped through and enjoyed it. The other day a co-worker of mine dropped the 2009 Auto Traders Buyer Guide on my desk – there was an article about him on page 112. He’s a car enthusiast, been working in sales since retiring from Air Canada 20 years ago. Ron works only on Saturday and calls himself the Dealerships “cat”. He doesn’t have a designated desk and he roams around giving advice, he is costing the dealership nothing but giving much in return.

In 2009 Nissan launched the revamped 370z, the G37 was going into its second sales season with its new design and the Pathfinder, well it wasn’t sure it still needed a V8 on it’s top model.

That year I was well on my mad quest to learn everything there was about a perplexing, multi-faceted ordering system. I had jumped in with both feet a year earlier, held my breath and for the next two years worked with the most amazing team. There were incredibly long hours and manual interventions to make it all work, but we did it and made a difference. I believed in the effort I was expending and learned many lessons and met some of my best friends.

So realizing my embarrassment of not having taken time to flip through and enjoy an automotive magazine for quite some time, I started to reflect on how I ended up in this state. Did I go to sleep for the last few years?

It’s taken a few months, but the spell is starting to come undone and it feels good and somewhat awkward. I know I am not alone, how do we get ourselves into states of subconscious existence? Letting our conscious minds sleep, functioning as robots and perhaps being very good and efficient at our work, expert even. Some like to call it not stopping to smell the roses, the only problem is the world around us becomes so blurry that we can’t see the roses, even if they did jump out of the ground and smack us!

I am going to call it “Sleeping Beauty phenomenon”, except unlike the fairy tales, there is no prince to come and kiss us out of our deep sleep and into a new magnificent reality. Instead we roll off the lumpy sleeping beauty bed, bumping our heads on the way down, landing with a hard thump into the overgrown underbrush.

I don’t know how the story ends or how we stand up and walk forward, I just trust that somehow our limps become agile once again and we find our way.

2 thoughts on “Subconscious Existence

  1. I just took my first step and I think I’m starting to wake up from the this “sleep state” you talk about. I’m not sure where we’re going, but I like to thing we’re moving forward 🙂


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