An Empty House

Ms Luna has officially vacated the premises. Its with mixed feelings that we’ve said our goodbye’s.

A list of randomness from the last 14 days:

1. It takes 8 days to learn that the human on the other end of the leash is the boss.

2. Walking 2 hours a day really can keep you in shape and is a fair alternative to jogging on a treadmill.

3. Dog food stinks. So does bending down to pick up doo doo.

4. Always be prepared to turn into a licking post.

5. Dogs do pout and are rather good at it and ultimately successful in getting their way.

6. Day 10 I was ready to hold a dog auction and then realized it was better to lose my sanity than to lose a friend!

7. Day 11 the dog won and I was forced to roll up my area rug. After it was put away, she refused to greet me for the remaining 3 days when I would arrive home.

8. Day 12 she learns to ignore the vicious sheep dog at the end of the hall no matter how loudly he hollers.

9. I have enough dog hair saved up for next winter’s sweater.

10. I have never slept better knowing that in the next room is the world’s most jolliiest guard dog.

11. I will likely have nightmares about trying to sell dump trucks tonight since I’ll no longer have to worry about Luna’s bladder as well as mine.

12. I do miss the click, clicking of her feet across the floor. The laminate was slippery and she would walk ever so gently.

And now its time for bed. I miss you Luna.

4 thoughts on “An Empty House

  1. Well DF bonded with Luna.
    Luna loved the spaghetti sauce DF made from scratch. She shared the beef filled meatballs with Luna. Luna loves her spaghetti al dente.
    DF said she had to give Luna a bath. He face was covered in spaghetti sauce.
    DF stopped at the McDonald’s drive thru on her way home to pick up chicken tenders for Luna.
    DF would dip them in BBQ sauce and reward Luna with treats.
    I won’t even go with the Thai dish DF prepared for Luna.
    You’re a true dog lover DF!
    I won’t tell Candy… I promise!!!
    BTW, how many mg’s of Valium did you give at night?


    1. Google told me that for an 85lb dog 2mg of Valium was acceptable. So I weighed Luna on my bathroom scale (it was a little tough getting all four legs on the 1′ x 1′ platform, but we managed) and her weight came in at 85lbs (there is no saying what part of that was me just keeping the dog in place). So using Google’s obviously safe and authoritative guide, Luna was given 2mg nightly. I ran out the last few nights which is why the carpet was destroyed! But don’t tell Candy that either!


  2. Ms. Luna misses you too! She’s not really herself yet… I think it’ll take her a few days to settle down. I will bring her with me on Sunday… She will be so happy to see you!

    Re Point 7… I know you don’t want to hear it, but I will find a way to pay you for that area rug! 😉

    There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for what you did. It truly meant a lot to me. I know it made your life a bit more complicated… And I’m so glad you didn’t lose your sanity after all! 🙂

    Big Hug!


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