Day Two & Three

I know, I skipped a day but nothing exciting or interesting is happening. No more little dogs dressed in slankettes!

We made it through the last two days without incident. It seems each morning we are re-negotiating who is the boss. I am sure it is comical to watch but after the first 10 minutes, we are good and Luna gives up on trying to tow me around.

Last night I pulled out the vacuum, Ms Luna is not a fan. She jumped up on the couch and stood on guard. I am not sure if she was guarding the couch or if she was just concerned for her overall safety. It took some coaxing to get out off the couch onto her bed.

More than anything, Luna is forcing a routine into my life. Not only do I have to be home at a decent hour, I am also learning some patience. By this I mean learning to enjoy walking the same fence line on each walk, stopping at the same ground hog hole, checking out the same dried up clump of poo and dilly dallying around each tree. I know now when there is a need to pee or poo. She is a creature of habit and likes the same patch of grass for both deeds. The first is close to home, the second is a 5 minute walk to a seemingly superior and worthy patch of grass.

Tonight as I was going from the restroom to my bedroom, I caught Ms Luna with her front paws and one rear on the couch. When she heard the door open she stopped in mid movement and turned to look at me. We stood staring at each other until she gave in and backed down off the couch. I know she sleeps there at night and during the day when I am not around – that is why there is a sheet covering my “pristine” sofa :)! But seriously, I don’t like sitting in dog hair and since I cannot police my couch while sleeping, the cover is the next best thing.

I’ve also figured out that the less I talk to Ms Luna the better our cohabitation works out. This is fine by me because its no fun talking when there is no opinion to be shared except perhaps a big yawn and a slobbery kiss…ewwww.

This is a good adventure for me, I admit that I am secretly happy there is an end date or I may have just resorted back to Ensure, glazed eyes and fitful sleep!

One thought on “Day Two & Three

  1. OMG! You have no idea how much I’m laughing while reading all these blogs! Ms. Luna LOVED staying with you and I’m so grateful you kept her while I was away. Since I know my dog so well, I can picture everything in my head as i read… It’s truly hilarious!


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