Day One with Ms Luna

Day One with Ms Luna

I am dog sitting for a good friend of mine and I’ve decided to try to blog an adventure a day to keep her posted on how things are going. Now it’s not so much about the well being of Ms Luna, it’s more of how I will manage 14 days of looking after something more than me!

So I am telling on myself.

Some back story, two years ago I decided it was time to get myself a dog. It lasted a total of 4 days. By the end of the 4 days, I had lost 5 pounds and my main meal was Ensure! It wasn’t the maintenance, the walking, the feeding, grooming or picking up after my puppy. It was my inability to rationalize trapping something living in my place for the sole pleasure of having a wagging tail greet me when I arrived home. While at work, I was envisioning my dogs anxiety and wondering if its bladder was going to make it till I arrived home.

So here I am with Ms Luna, Day One and we’ve hit it off rather well. She is certainly missing her owner and will be one happy pooch on the 21st.

Today we did quite a bit of walking. What is the most fun about this adventure are the people and their pets we meet along the way. Ms Luna is rather social and tonight we met the cutest little 4 month old Jack Russell. He was dressed in a green “slankette” and was happy to trot along without a leash – brave owner. It was adorable, the Jack Russell was interested in playing with Ms Luna’s face, while Ms Luna was more interested in playing with the Jack Russell’s owner and I was stuck trying to keep out of the melee. I guestimate Ms Luna weighs between 60 to 70 lbs and the Jack Russell a mere 6 to 7 lbs so I’ll leave it up to you to envision how this impromptu “play date” appeared!

We are home, ready for bed and tomorrow’s adventure!

2 thoughts on “Day One with Ms Luna

  1. I love the picture!
    I just noticed she’s standing on the same rug she ended up chewing at the end of her stay with you 😦 I’m so sorry!!!


    1. Don’t be sorry, it was all part of the adventure of me proving that I could look after something other than myself for longer than 4 days while still eating solid foods! 🙂


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