A Girl’s Dilemma

A Girl’s Dilemma

The "forever" Boots
Last week I had a miserable encounter with my feet. We had a major disagreement.

Deciding what to wear on typical morning is usually a dilemma and after moving into a Retail job, the dilemma has been amplified. A suit would be uncomfortable, dresses usually need heels and pants are boring. To be safe, at the beginning I wore my trusty black pants, a smart top and flats. I must say, it is comfortable and uncomplicated!

However, my heels were moaning about their neglect and I was starting to feel the need to wear something with a little more flair.

I picked a day and arrived to work in one of my favourite dresses and heels. The day was going smoothly and I had two hours to go when I was asked to stand at the front door and greet any customers coming into the store.

This particular day was slow and as I looked at my watch and realized “2 hours to go”, it took everything in me to smile politely and go stand by the door and start praying fervently that a customer would arrive and relieve me of the torture my feet were surely to endure.

That day I learned there was a reason for my original wardrobe choice which brings me to where I am sitting at this very moment.

Bayview Village.

Its been a year that I’ve been looking to replace my most comfy flat boots. I’ve been putting it off and got away with it by just simply wearing heels.

After my torture session, I decided to put all my effort into finding a flat boot to go with most everything I own including dresses. Off to the mall I went last Monday to, yes, buy those boots that were on-sale-twice! I was so excited.

As you imagine, the on-sale-twice boots were no longer in my size. Disappointed but not to be defeated, I trekked to every store in the mall looking for something suitable.

Did I ever find a suitable boot! They also came with an extravagant price tag with a guarantee they will “last for YEARS!”. In a state of daze and slight panic, I pulled out my wallet and put a “down payment” on the super boots. They were being ordered in from another store and I could pick them up in two days.

For the next two nights I had wonderful dreams about the surreal boots. When Wednesday came around, I rushed out of work and off to pick up my prize.

Well, the right boot was ever so slightly misshapen in a way that would not have bothered me if they were more within what I was expecting to pay in the first place. I told the sales girl and she dismissed my reservation by stating “These boots will last FOREVER, they are ONLY one of two pairs that exist in the COUNTRY!”. She definitely thought I should keep them regardless of any defect, the defect in her mind was nothing compared to the uniqueness of the style.

To keep her and myself happy, I asked where that other pair might be, which is Bayview Village.

It is Thursday and here I am – I’ve gone and peaked at the ONE other pair in the COUNTRY and exchanged boots.

My dilemma: is my sanity and happy feet worth the cost of these beautifully, hand crafted “one-of-a-kind”, forever lasting boots and will they outlive me and do I want that!?

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