The Green Sweater

The Green Sweater

The cable-knit sweater is so much fun, its hunter green and it complements well my red hair. I may look like I am celebrating Christmas into the New Year, but I really enjoy my hunter green sweater and apparently so does my co-worker who I’ll name Alberto.

Alberto was enamoured all-day by my sweater and I was starting to become concerned that it was distracting him from his job of Closing customers. By the end of the day Alberto couldn’t resist, he JUST needed to feel the texture of this intriguing piece of clothing and came to my desk and politely asked if he could feel the sleeve.

There are a few distinguishing things about Alberto. One is he notices and comments on absolutely everything. He is our in-house commentator. Some-days it would seem we were all on a hockey rink trying to score a goal in an NHL playoff game and not mere Sales folks trying to Close a customer.

Alberto loves making conversation. A lot of what he talks about perplexes me, like the story about his engagement to his lovely wife many many years ago when he provided her with a list of 7 tasks; that once married she would need to be able to perform. Fortunately, we all received a verbal, abridged version of the list; we thankfully only heard about the Cooking and House Cleaning requirements.

In any event, I am a little mystified at the sheer existence of his list and how did she handle the situation. I can only guess she handled it beautifully since they are ready to celebrate, at very minimum, a 20th anniversary and perhaps it may even be 30 years – Congratulations to a lasting union that started with a list!

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