A Great Canadian Pastime

A Great Canadian Pastime

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Toronto. The wind was sleeping, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen in the sky.

A friend wanted to try skating and it was the perfect day to embark on such an escapade. I dug my skates out of storage, dusted off the cob webs, removed the hockey socks, acting as skate guards, only to find the blades were somewhat rusting. My skates have been neglected for quite a few years and while looking over their condition, I admit, I started to reconsider helping out my friend – have I forgotten how to skate myself!

After visiting the skate shop for a must needed sharpening, we were ready for our adventure.

The day started out late and we arrived at the Harbour Front just after 2pm; got ourselves all laced up and headed out to the rink. It was packed with skaters with varying levels of skill. I have never taught someone to skate, so the instructions were perhaps inadequate but definitely simple; knees bent, butt out and if you feel like falling, leaning backwards will guarantee a fall!

We made it around the rink a dozen times, it was slow motion but the exciting part is, it’s possible to learn this awesome Canadian Pastime no matter our age! I would be stretching the truth if I said my friend is now ready to join the Olympic hockey team, but I can say there was less falling and a lot more gliding and they are well on their way to enjoying this Great Canadian Pastime.

I am sure dreams are now crowded with learning the art of ice tag, ice dancing and ofcourse hockey stick in hand, handling a puck and going in for that goal!

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