Today is not my day

We’ve all woken up on the right side of the bed only to discover that “today is not my day”.

Today I was late arriving to my 9 am gym class and struggled through the remaining 45 minutes. It didn’t help that the instructor for the day was a stand-in for the regular instructor. Not that the replacement instructor wasn’t good at her job, however I realize after +20 years of saying “change doesn’t affect me”, when I step back and take a real look at changing situations, it does affect me, especially when I get out of the right side of the bed only to discover that today is not my day.

I have a fairly full day planned ahead; I checked off the activity of “dismal workout” and headed over to the coffee shop.

I ordered an old favourite, candy cane latte and set myself up at the bar table, against the window. Ready to enjoy my treat, I slowly raised it up to take a sip when all I could feel was a steaming wet sensation on my thighs. You guessed, I was pouring my delicious drink directly into my lap! In my rush to secure my seat, I didn’t bring along any serviettes from the condiments bar. Sitting behind me was a large group of people; a sociable pre-Christmas meeting of friends that likely would not be spending the holiday together. I tensed up. An article I had come across earlier, “The perils and pleasures of dining alone”, was running through my head. To drum up the courage to stand up and walk over to get myself some much needed serviettes without feeling in the spotlight of embarrassment, I willed myself to remember the part that describes an individual’s idea of “the signal you put out to the world is stronger than it really is.” I made it back to my chair without any clapping, laughing or a bright blinding spotlight. Cleaned up my mess, secured the coffee lid, I sat back down and enjoyed what remained of my candy cane latte – today is not my day!

The Globe and Mail article The perils and pleasures of dining alone by Zosia Bielski

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